Review: The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren


Title: The Unhoneymooners
Author: Christina Lauren
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Gallery Books
Source: Paperback
Release Date: May 14th, 2019
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

Olive is always unlucky: in her career, in love, in…well, everything. Her identical twin sister Ami, on the other hand, is probably the luckiest person in the world. Her meet-cute with her fiancé is something out of a romantic comedy (gag) and she’s managed to finance her entire wedding by winning a series of Internet contests (double gag). Worst of all, she’s forcing Olive to spend the day with her sworn enemy, Ethan, who just happens to be the best man.

Olive braces herself to get through 24 hours of wedding hell before she can return to her comfortable, unlucky life. But when the entire wedding party gets food poisoning from eating bad shellfish, the only people who aren’t affected are Olive and Ethan. And now there’s an all-expenses-paid honeymoon in Hawaii up for grabs.

Putting their mutual hatred aside for the sake of a free vacation, Olive and Ethan head for paradise, determined to avoid each other at all costs. But when Olive runs into her future boss, the little white lie she tells him is suddenly at risk to become a whole lot bigger. She and Ethan now have to pretend to be loving newlyweds, and her luck seems worse than ever. But the weird thing is that she doesn’t mind playing pretend. In fact, she feels kind of… lucky.

I really enjoyed this!

When Olive’s twin sister gets married, the last thing anyone expects is for the entire wedding party to get food poisoning. Only two people are safe from the bug; Olive and her archenemy Ethan. With Ami and her new husband Dane (who also happens to be Ethan’s brother) too sick to go on their honeymoon, they encourage Olive and Ethan to go instead. They are initially reluctant to go together, but in the end, who can refuse a free vacation to Maui? What begins as mutual hostility turns into attraction and blooming romance as Olive and Ethan fake being newlyweds. But when Dane turns out to be unfaithful to Ami, Olive and Ethan must decide if their rocky relationship can survive their intense loyalty to their siblings.

It usually takes a lot for a book to make me laugh out loud, but The Unhoneymooners did just that. It’s funny and a little ridiculous, but completely entertaining. The transition from enemies-to-lovers is completely believable, and the situations that Olive and Ethan run into with their fake relationship are downright insane. I thought the book got a little slower and less interesting toward the end, which is why this only gets three stars.

Ultimately, this was exactly what I was in the mood to read; a fun and hilarious romance with plenty of steamy scenes. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good summer read!

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