My Favorite True Crime Documentaries

Like so many others, I haven’t been able to get enough of the True Crime genre lately! I’ve always loved a good mystery, and many of the real life cases presented in these accounts are better than any fictional story.

If you’re as obsessed as me, below are some recommendations!

(TW: mention of murder, violence, substance abuse, abduction)


The Ted Bundy Tapes (Netflix)

Ted Bundy is one of the most infamous serial killers in America. He was a charming and intelligent man who murdered at least 30 women (the true body count is unknown) and escaped from prison twice. This four-part docuseries presents his story with archived footage and interviews, while interspersing audio clips from death row interviews.

Amanda Knox (Netflix)

This is a creepy did-she-or-didn’t-she story about a college-aged girl who was convicted of brutally murdering her roommate in a foreign country. While I don’t personally believe she was guilty, I highly recommend watching this and formulating your own opinion!

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann (Netflix)

The abduction of Madeleine McCann became the most famous abduction case of all time. Though I was very young when it happened, I easily recognized the picture that dominated news channels all over the world. What began as a family vacation in a quiet beach town in Portugal ended as a complete nightmare when 3-year-old Madeleine was taken from her bed while her family and their friends dined at a nearby restaurant. The parents, who were persistent in getting the word out, received a great deal of sympathy and support before becoming suspects themselves. The intricate details of this case made my head spin, and I was still thinking about it long after I had finished watching.

Evil Genius (Netflix)

This is another complex and detailed case that revolves around a bank heist and an extremely intelligent and manipulative woman. This documentary showcases the dark side of humanity as well as the extreme lengths some people will go for money.

There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane (HBO)

In this case, a suburban mother left the family camp with five children (two of her own) on a seemingly normal day. What should have been a 30 minute drive became a four hour drive, ending with Diane driving two miles into oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the highway. Seven people died after a head-on collision, including herself and four of the children. Diane was found to have been extremely intoxicated, which her family firmly denies to this day. They seek to find the truth in this documentary.

Abducted in Plain Sight (Netflix)

This is probably the weirdest and most unsettling documentary on this list, at least for me. I’m not even sure if I would recommend it just based on how disturbing it is. This case is about a charming and charismatic man who befriended a Mormon family in the 70s, becoming close to both parents in order to gain access to their young daughter, Jan. He managed to abduct Jan twice, all while making her believe that they had been given a mission by the aliens.

Serial (Podcast)

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys podcasts or audiobooks. I’m not generally a huge fan of either, but I really got into this! If you’ve thought about watching The Case Against Adnan Syed on HBO, I recommend listening to this first.


Next to Watch:
The Staircase (Netflix)
The Confession Tapes (Netflix)
The Keepers (Netflix)
Beware the Slenderman (HBO)


True Crime Books I Want to Read:



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