12 Bookish Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Now

Instagram is such a fun way to find book recommendations, giveaways, new releases, and more! Many “bookstagrams” have gorgeous, artful aesthetics, which make them so pleasing to scroll through. If you are looking for some new accounts to follow, check out some of my favorites below:


I adore the soft, warm color scheme of this Instagram feed. The Fiction Faery posts books in a variety of genres, usually arranged with candles, hot chocolate, reading glasses, and other cozy essentials.


This account primarily posts fantasy novels while also promoting bookish candles and designs. You can tell that the creator spends a great deal of time and effort, as each photo is perfectly arranged.


Crime by the Book reviews and promotes crime fiction and thrillers. I’ve been introduced  to many great books on this instagram account, so I would highly recommend checking it out for your next pulse-pounding read!


The creator of this account is based out of Denmark, so I enjoy looking at all the alternate covers for books I’ve read or plan on reading. Her aesthetic is crisp and clean, which I love!


This isn’t completely centered around books, but I love the cozy home decor and atmosphere! I would recommend checking out Michelle’s instagram or blog if you are looking to update your space or get some interesting lifestyle tips.


This UK-based account posts clean, minimalist photos with lovely home decor.


This Singapore-based account shares a variety of books with unique props and a crisp, clean aesthetic.


Books and travel, my two favorite things! I love seeing all the unique, bookish locations that this account shares.


This feed is overwhelming in the best possible way. Stacks of books (mostly fantasy and young adult) are artfully arranged with candles and other props, surrounded by shimmering lights.


This dark aesthetic is one of my absolute favorites! It gives off a witchy autumn vibe, which I love.


This is another account that doesn’t center around books, but the cozy prop styling and quaint destinations are right up my alley.


Whats Hot Blog is one of my favorite accounts, as it has a specific focus on literary travel.


These are just a few of my favorite accounts. I’m always looking for new people and accounts to follow, so leave a comment if there’s anything I should check out!


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